Student's Projects WiSe 20/21

In the historic centre of the small town of Bensheim in southern Hesse, on the Bergstrasse, the former “Haus am Markt” is to be rebuilt in the form of a new building. The building, located in a prominent position on the central market square, will have a high public significance and perception.

On the one hand, the new building is intended to give the market square a new impetus, while at the same time blending in with the historic structures of the old town as a sensitive urban building block. The design is intended in particular to find answers for contemporary construction in dealing with existing historical buildings.

Using a bus shelter as an example, the essential elements of constructive design are taught within three practice units, in conjunction with a coordinated series of lectures. Basic design, technical and constructional knowledge is taught. Learning primary, constructive and architectural elements such as foundation, supporting structure, roof, openings and staircase leads to an initial content-related approach to the concerns of building construction and design. The aim is to familiarise oneself with the drawing utensils around the pencil as well as to develop the basic knowledge of technical drawing, line management and typeface. The respective contents and representations are to be combined and presented in an appealing, orderly layout. In the final block week, based on the previous exercises and lectures, the students are to develop their own design for a new bus shelter along the Lichtwiesenbahn in terms of construction and concept.

The intensive examination of the material natural stone is intended to sharpen the awareness of the sensual qualities of the material. The aim is to recreate the material-appropriate or experimental handling of natural stone and how the beauty of the material can be staged with its help, using a chapel as an example.